Here we will allocate frequently asked questions from our customers to better inform you on any questions you may have regarding our products!


Q: How long are your shipping times?

A: We offer various shipping times with our various products, so depending on what you order, will depend on how long your product will take to get to you! See the bottom of each description for shipping times on each individual product.


Q: What material is the On-The-Go Pet Water Bottle made of?

A: Our On-The-Go Pet Water Bottle is made of a durable ABS plastic that will be sure to last you and your pup's every adventure!


Q: Would the On-The-Go Pet Water Bottle have enough water for my large dog?

A: Of course! With our two options to choose from for sizing, we believe our 550ml bottle is perfect for dogs of any size! Any extra water that your furry friend does not use, you can store back into the bottom basin!